I will file this post under the “Artistry” category.  This will be an interesting “Ear Challenge” for you. It requires a nice set of speakers, or more ideally –  headphones, about 25 minutes of undisturbed time and an open mind.

This particular piece “Chamber of Lightness” (The second one on the album) was created by the British musician Brian Eno.  It’s pretty soft on the ears, but lacks any melody or  beat so it will either make you very comfortable or very uncomfortable.  I happen to be a visual person, so it’s not hard for me to sit back and listen to ambient music and actually see with my ears what the artist is trying to portray.

I don’t believe this album is in print or for sale anywhere that I can find, including enoshop, so this will really be a rare experience for you.  I hope you’ll enjoy.

According to Wikipedia

“The music on the album was made for an Installation – a show featuring music and visuals – that took place at the Marble Palace in Saint Petersburg, which accommodates permanent exhibitions of the StateRussian Museum, from November to mid-December 1997.

After the release of his 1997 album The Drop, Eno relocated to Saint Petersburg for a short sabbatical and began working on music specifically for installations. The event’s music was generated by three CD players, and like his previous album of the same year, Extracts from Music for White Cube, it used the generative capabilities of Koan Pro by layering more than two stereo pairs of sound sources, via the CD players.

The show was hosted in a large, neo-classical, newly-renovated chamber, and Eno was free to design it as he wished. At one end, computer-programmed projectors threw randomized, colourful patterns on a series of screens, while the rest of the room was dark.

He described the Marble Palace event as a “mixture of cinema, fireworks display, environmental music and installation“. The edited highlights that feature on the CD are described as “a 1-hour selection of a hypothetically endless piece“.”

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