The invisible light

There is something intriguing to me about the human perception of light and the limits thereof.  Once the ability to see is diminished, the question of whether something exists is presented.  For example, take a TV remote or something similar that has an infrared emitter.  Look at the emitters as you press a few buttons, do you see anything?  What if you dim all the lights, are you able to see anything then?  What if you squint your eyes really tight – anything?  Do you have the confidence to say “The Light is there, but I just can’t see it” or are you the type of person who believes “If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist”?

Ok, if you feel you need some help then take a digital camera or an iPhone, Blackberry or whatever you have that can take a digital picture.  Without actually taking a photo, look at the emitters again through the digital viewer as you press a few buttons.  Can you now feel confident in saying that light is being emitted?

Likewise, those who do not consider themselves to be  “Spiritually Inclined”  will normally have a difficult time seeing or understanding the things which are seen by those who put their lives into the purifying light of Christ.  One of the reasons why we were born into an imperfect, mortal existence is to learn to distinguish between light and darkness in a spiritual sense.  As we go through the continual cycle of sin and repentance we get a clearer understanding and vision of spiritual truth by seeing and feeling the stark contrasts.  Just like it’s very difficult to see and comprehend light outside of our visible range without help, it’s very hard to understand or accept things of a spiritual nature simply by human cognition.  One must have help from God in order to move forward.

“Spiritual Vision” can be described as a clarity of conscience, a calm reassurance, or as Alma told the rejected Zoramites – an enlightened understanding .  Alma 32:33-36 It is not an emotional charge or a fleeting rush of excitement.  It’s also not an escape from reality, it’s a warm welcome to it.   It begins by one saying “I have no clue if this will work, but I’ll at least try” to “Ok, this is nice and all, but could I just be kidding myself?” to “Hmm, I’m feeling more at peace with this” and so on.

I recommend you take some time to watch this talk by one of the twelve apostles – Elder David A. Bednar entitled “The Spirit of Revelation”

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