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It’s important to get your testimony that God lives.

3 Nephi Chapter 3 Becoming United Under God and Protected Against Evil I’ve always thought that ridicule is the one […]

Spared because of a Few Righteous People

Helaman 13 – The Warnings of Samuel the Lamanite I love the story of Samuel the Lamanite in the Book […]


I will file this post under the “Artistry” category.  This will be an interesting “Ear Challenge” for you. It requires […]

What we can Become

“Be Thou My Vision” God’s amazing love, the common denominator of all good faiths, springs forth with great power like […]

Mother’s Nature

Last year, we bought two little society finches and a bird cage to add a touch of nature to the […]


I have a nice Dual CS528 vinyl record player that I had fixed and tuned up a couple of years […]

The invisible light

There is something intriguing to me about the human perception of light and the limits thereof.  Once the ability to see […]

My very first blog post

Uh oh, I have a blog now! I’ve been thinking of  writing a blog for a while.  Instead of simply […]